Doves’ Buckwheat Flour is back (but not yet gluten free)

It must have come as a shock to many when Doves Organic removed Buckwheat Flour from its range earlier this year.

The problem was gluten contamination. It seems to have been a problem which affected many suppliers of ground buckwheat.

The good news is that Doves expect that a gluten free Buckwheat Flour will become available again in the coming months, possibly very soon.

For now, they have reintroduced a buckwheat flour which is not gluten free (so please don’t forget to check the labels).

And a new biscuIt too

Doves have also introduced a non-gluten free organic Ginger Oat Biscuit which combines two of my favourite flavours, and it’s bound to live up to the quality we can normally expect from the folk at Doves Farm.

2 thoughts on “Doves’ Buckwheat Flour is back (but not yet gluten free)

  1. I’ve just purchased some of their gluten free plain flour and notice it has buckwheat as an ingredient. I’m really concerned about this given they said just a couple of months ago that they couldnt get hold of any gluten free buckwheat. Not sure what to do with it – return it or eat it?

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