Have a dairy free countdown to Christmas

If you’re dairy intolerant it needn’t put a dampener on Christmas preparations… 

Plamil have come up with two yummy dairy free and gluten free Advent Calendars with 24 chocolates… I mean, days to countdown with.

Dairy free Advent Calendars
Dairy free Advent Calendars from Plamil

The first is an organic and fairtrade dairy free calendar which, according to our GoodnessDirect manager, Faith, tastes very much like milk chocolate. It’s a great alternative for those who love milk chocolate but can’t have any.

The other Plamil calendar (also dairy free) comes with no added sugar – but is sweetened with xylitol instead. This one is 70% cocoa, so it’s perfect for those who like their chocolate a little bit darker.

Plamil is proud to be a nut free and vegan outlet so you can reliably buy from them with an easy conscience.

2 thoughts on “Have a dairy free countdown to Christmas

  1. you should do an article about cross contamination and warn your customers about the risk of trace ppm rates. just because we have allergies shouldn’t mean we should risk our health over a choc or gf bread because the companies who make them won’t take the right choice of making them on dedicated lines and packing areas. free from should mean that not free from plus 20%!

    1. Tell us more Poppy, there was a law limiting the amount of allergen in food earlier this year, but was that only referring to restaurants?

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