You won’t believe how good St Dalfour’s dessert sauces are

I don’t how to say this, but I think St Dalfour have totally hit my sweet spot.

St Dalfour deserve to be well known for the excellence they pour into all of the foods they make, taking the best in natural ingredients and making something special.

St Dalfour Strawberry Sauce
An amazing sauce made of real strawberries

This time they’ve conjured up some amazing organic dessert sauces. Because all those ingredients are the best, when they say Strawberry Sauce they mean it’s full of real strawberries (at least 50%) and the rest is simply grape juice – that’s it!

St Dalfour rightfully call these Gourmet Sauces. And the best news is there is an incredible tasting Chocolate Sauce and a tantalising Blueberry Sauce too. All the sauces are Low GI, there’s virtually no fat in there at all, meaning they’re good for the waist line and all are also gluten free.

You have got to taste these, they truly deserve an award.

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