More non-alcoholic party drinks from Cawston Press

Cawston Press Sprkling Apple & Rhubarb
Interesting non-alcoholic party drinks from Cawston Press

I really enjoy Cawston Press for their ability to produce really interesting non-alcoholic party drinks.

Take, for example, a bottle of Cawston’s Sparkling Apple & Rhubarb.

Rhubarb may be a vegetable but it makes for a very fruity drink. As usual with Cawston there’s no artificial stuff and they use a blend of pure pressed fruit  juice and sparkling water, no ‘made from concentrate’ stuff.

Perfect for the party.

You might also want to try their blends of:
Sparkling Apple and Ginger Beer
Sparkling Apple and Lemon & Lime
or simply Sparkling Apple

Doves’ Buckwheat Flour is back (but not yet gluten free)

It must have come as a shock to many when Doves Organic removed Buckwheat Flour from its range earlier this year.

The problem was gluten contamination. It seems to have been a problem which affected many suppliers of ground buckwheat.

The good news is that Doves expect that a gluten free Buckwheat Flour will become available again in the coming months, possibly very soon.

For now, they have reintroduced a buckwheat flour which is not gluten free (so please don’t forget to check the labels).

And a new biscuIt too

Doves have also introduced a non-gluten free organic Ginger Oat Biscuit which combines two of my favourite flavours, and it’s bound to live up to the quality we can normally expect from the folk at Doves Farm.

Have a dairy free countdown to Christmas

If you’re dairy intolerant it needn’t put a dampener on Christmas preparations… 

Plamil have come up with two yummy dairy free and gluten free Advent Calendars with 24 chocolates… I mean, days to countdown with.

Dairy free Advent Calendars
Dairy free Advent Calendars from Plamil

The first is an organic and fairtrade dairy free calendar which, according to our GoodnessDirect manager, Faith, tastes very much like milk chocolate. It’s a great alternative for those who love milk chocolate but can’t have any.

The other Plamil calendar (also dairy free) comes with no added sugar – but is sweetened with xylitol instead. This one is 70% cocoa, so it’s perfect for those who like their chocolate a little bit darker.

Plamil is proud to be a nut free and vegan outlet so you can reliably buy from them with an easy conscience.

Here we go round the mulberry bush (especially when they’re covered with chocolate)

Not many people have tasted mulberries.

But they really should.

Fancy giving away some chocolate covered mulberries?
Fancy giving away some chocolate covered mulberries?

These berries have a wonderfully refreshing tart flavour about them, and they taste pretty good as dried fruit too. They are highly nutritious and rich in antioxidants.

But, as is the way with all good fruit, someone has gone one better and covered them with chocolate. Raw chocolate from the Raw Chocolate Company to be exact.

The result is a tantalising mix of dark chocolate and sweet mulberries that makes for an excellent dairy free and gluten free organic treat.

Packed in a star covered box, they also make a neat little gift – that’s if you can avoid eating them yourself.

Sustainable tissue paper made from sugar cane? Almost good enought to eat!

To my shame, my first thought when I read about tissues made from sugar cane was, “Can you eat them?”

Papura tissues are made almost entirely from sugar cane
Tissues made almost entirely from sugar cane

Papura make face tissues and toilet tissue from the left over straw of sugar cane stalks.

Normally, the straw would be thrown away, but instead Papura recycle the straw after the sugar has been extracted. (So, no, it’s not edible.)

No bleach or other nasty chemicals are used to make Papura tissues either, just a gentle disinfectant – that means they’re ideal for sensitive skin.

Sensitive. Sustainable. Recycled from the straw of sugar cane. Soft on the environment and soft on you? Just one word comes to mind…


The best crispbread you’ve ever tasted, and it’s gluten free

The best tasting crispbread ever (in my opinion)

Many people have been asking for a particular crispbread called Pain des Fleurs translated ‘bread of flowers’.

It’s not surprising as it’s the most delicious crispbread I’ve ever tasted, with a sweet and lightly crispy texture.

And it’s also gluten free.

The reason why it’s both delicious and gluten free is that it is a crispbread made from chestnuts (and it’s also organic…) I was writing recently about the versatility of chestnuts and this is just such an example.

However, Pain des Fleurs also make crispbreads using buckwheat and also quinoa. I can’t tell you how these taste but if the quality is anything like the chestnut crispbread it has got to be pretty good.

Get the right nutrient mix for a power boost for your body

I don’t know if you’re a pill-type person…

My confession is that I am.

I don’t mind taking a vitamin or some other little tablet to boost my health, and the strength of the supplement industry shows I’m not alone.

Bioglan deliver unique mixes of nutrients for your health
Bioglan deliver unique mixes of nutrients for your health

Bioglan are a company who sell themselves on the basis of being “serious about health”. As I get older, their newest products are beginning to look more attractive.

For me their best selling points are the unique mixes of nutrients designed to help the body and the transparent information on their packaging.


Super Fish Oil 30s 
Capsules designed to be high in EPA and DHA Omega 3 fatty acids and deliberately coated for release in the intestines where they can be more easily absorbed. Also preventing a fishy after taste.

Red Krill Oil
Again designed to be better absorbed, krill oil is 10 times more powerful than a standard fish oil capsule.

Joint-Aid Triple Action
Combines three important and powerful nutrients help maintain healthy joints: glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane)

Probiotic Gastrohealth
Contains 4 strains of probiotic that can help sustain a healthy level of friendly bacteria.

Uses CoQ10, vitamin E and zinc to support cardiovascular health and  metabolism which can be affected by statins.