Do you know your avocado oil from your safflower oil? Try something different

As well as some of the regular oils, Clearspring bottle some more exotic organic oils.

Try something different
Try something different

Take Avocado Oil for example. It is described as having a delicious, nutty flavour and has a large range of uses including for dipping with bread, adding colour, smoothness and flavour to dressings, stir-frying and even deep-frying as it has a very high smoke point. It is also cholesterol free, rich in vitamin E, omega 3 and 6 and it’s high in monounsaturated fat.

Avocado oil can even be used as a substitute for butter in cakes or pastry and is excellent drizzled over warm vegetables or pasta. But don’t panic, it doesn’t turn your food green; when you cook with avocado oil the distinctive colour becomes clear.

Safflower Oil is ideal for making dressings and dips. It has a slightly sweet, nutty taste and is particularly useful in dishes with uncomplicated, straightforward flavours – it also adds a wonderful texture to frozen desserts. The oil is very nutritious with a very high omega 6 content and it also contains omega 9. It has a significant vitamin E content, so much so it can be used as a moisturiser on your face or in aromatherapy. However, with safflower oil you can rely on the natural yellow colouring to add some sunshine to your food.

Walnut Oil and Hazelnut Oil are fantastic in salad dressings. Hazelnut oil, with its wonderfully aromatic quality, is a well established delicacy in French and Italian cuisine. The distinct nutty flavour of walnut oil is a rare treat that adds a delicious exotic flavour to salads and dips.

Toasted Pumpkin Seed Oil is packed with vitamins and minerals including A, B1, B2, B6, C, D, E, and K, calcium and zinc and the essential fatty acids omega -3 and -6. It is said that pumpkin oil is beneficial in the treatment of urinary tract infections and in preventing other diseases. But pumpkin seed oil is versatile too, it marries well with the earthy flavour of wild rice dishes and adds a nutty richness to soups. Let your imagination stretch to making a  spicy pumpkin soup and some drizzled pumpkin oil on the top will work wonders.

2 thoughts on “Do you know your avocado oil from your safflower oil? Try something different

  1. Thanks for the advice – I often find myself overwhelmed at the different oils on offer and trying to decipher if they’re good for you or not. I’ve heard almond oil is a good alternative to vegetable oil.

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