What do you do to deal with cystitis (honeymoon syndrome)?

If you’re a fan of the movie The Green Mile and have seen the way the Tom Hanks character suffers you’ll know that it isn’t just women who suffer from cystitis.

However, when you survey discussion forums for answers it’s generally women who pass on suggestions like cranberry juice or barley water. One solution that often comes up is Potters Antitis – which is a herbal remedy used for the relief of urinary or bladder discomfort and infections.

Antitis is made of several natural ingredients including Buchu and Uva Ursi (diuretic and urinary antiseptics), Clivers (a diuretic which also controls bleeding in the urinary tract), Shepherds Purse (a urinary antiseptic with anti-haemorrhaging action) and Couchgrass (a diuretic specific to cystitis).

It’s not a pleasant experience but anyone can experience it, so it’s worth knowing Antitis can help. If you have any other solutions you’d like to share, feel free to add a comment.

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