Celebrate with a Cawston Press drink

If you’re having an alcohol free evening then bring a bottle of Cawston Press.

Cawston Press are sparkling
Cawston Press are sparkling

Their ‘Sparkling Apple’ or, if you dare, ‘Sparkling Apple Ginger Beer’ make an interesting, delicious and additive-free soft drink option for the party.

The Apple Ginger Beer is a particularly unique take on a classic and features lemon juice and a hint of chilli for extra ‘bite’, plus 40% of pressed apple to balance out that ginger ‘zing’. Meanwhile the more traditional Sparkling Apple contains no less than 75% pressed apple juice for the more refined drinker.

You can trust Cawston Press for a good time. They’ve had a love affair with the apple for over a quarter of a century – gently pressing and blending different varieties of the fruit for its ever-expanding and innovative range of all-natural juices, so they’re not going to stop the party now.

In fact, Cawston Press’s 26 year-experience has given it an ability to create beautifully balanced apple blends using some of the best varieties.  That’s no mean feat given the fact that there are more types of apples than any other fruit in the world – at least 7,500 (dwarfing the measly 2,500 varieties of oranges).

For instance, both Cawston’s ‘Sparkling Apple’ and still ‘Cloudy Apple’ feature no less than 6 varieties – Bramley (for bite), Cox’s Orange Pippin (for depth) and a combination of the varying sweetness of Braeburn, Jonagold, Golden Delicious and Gala.  Other drinks skilfully blend different apple combinations to balance with fruits and vegetables such as elderflower, rhubarb, carrot and even beetroot.

Cawston Press also prides itself in only using juice that has come from apples pressed within 48hrs of being picked. These apples are always picked at prime ripeness, are never cold stored (with the inevitable degradation that occurs), nor turned into concentrate.

In addition, Cawston’s juices feature no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or colourings – and one 200ml glass of any of their juices will provide 1 of your 5-a-day.


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