Fru Grains are back!

Fru Grains are back
Fru Grains are back!

I just wanted to announce the return of Fru Grains because they are a favourite of a lot of GoodnessDirect customers, and a personal favourite of mine too.

Fru Grains are a simple cereal made mostly of fruit, oats and almonds which combine into these wonderfully textured nuggets for your breakfast bowl.

I guess Prewetts have been working on improving the recipe (though it was perfect by my standards already). But they still have that unusually, crisp and snappy texture and natural fruit flavour. And when you taste each spoon you just know that the fruit and nut content is giving you all the fibre you need.

Hooray for Fru Grains!


33 thoughts on “Fru Grains are back!

  1. I am very disappointed by the new Fru Grains. I hope that they bring the originals back. I have been eating them since I was a wee girl over fifty years ago. I don’t think that I will be buying the new type again

      1. I preferred the fruitier taste of the traditional Fru Grains. I am more aware of the nuts in the new ones. Also I used to like eating them dry sometimes at night.

      2. These are a terrible disappointment and bear no resemblance whatever to the original Fru Grains. I will not be buying again

      3. I will not be buying them again, ever, unless the company goes back to the old recipe. I hope that the company pays attention to what we are saying.

  2. Very disappointed with this Prewetts version. Nothing like the orignal and I won’t be buying them again. Have eaten the Mapleton Fru Grains since I was a little girl. Will miss them :o(

  3. Hear hear, just bought the new ones, yuck, tastes like cold toast, bears no resemblance to the original, going to the birds, what a waste of nearly £4.

  4. Absolutely agree – the real FruGrains have been favourites for 50 years.
    These are nothing like them, they taste very over-sweet & artificial, lack the colour, texture,taste or flavour of the originals & do not seem healthy at all.
    Not worth eating, certainly not worth buying, they do not deserve the same name, in fact it is misleading to use it. Please bring the originals back.

  5. YesTotally agree .Our Son and his family are living in New Zealand now and one of his favorite breakfast cerials since a small child was Mapletons Fru-Grains .They’re due back for a holiday next week so my wife went out to buy him a special treat…Mapletons Fru-Grains. She was palmed off with Prewitts which taste nothing like Mapletons ,(Good for bird food )
    . I understand that the company Mapletons Ltd. has been dissolved and no longer exists. Maybe the originals were imported ?.Someone please bring ’em back and soon.
    Michael White

  6. Very disappointed. They are nothing like the original. Very little flavour, they stick to your teeth and and lack that crunchy texture. If Prewetts have bought the name then surely they bought the original recipe and I strongly recommend they return to it if they wish to continue to sell this product. I wont be buying it again until they do!

  7. Rediscovered Mapleton’s Fru Grains a few years ago in a health food shop (not a place I normally frequent, but my wife is into “healthy food”). Just like I remember them from my childhood, so bought them regularly ever since.
    This morning tasted the Prewett’s version. Oh dear! Appearance similar to Jordan’s Country Crisp, but soft and lack the crunch of the original Fru Grains with a different taste. Not enjoyable, but at £3.80 I’ll plod on through to the end rather than give them to the birds. I won’t be buying this version again.

  8. I remember enjoying these since my early childhood, they are lovely.
    I came upon them again in a health food shop and have been buying them since, I cant believe anyone would try to change them at all, you could not really improve much on how good they were. What a shame, another one of life’s little pleasures now gone !

    1. Matt, Maybe if Prewitts realise how disgusted we all are they will change the recipe back to the old one. I am tempted to write to them.

  9. How I agree! It’s so sad that they have to mess about with a delicious thing. The so-called “improved recipe” is a travesty of the original. It’s now on my lawn being eaten by squirrels (but they’ll eat anything).

  10. What a total disappointment these so called fru grains by prewett’s are. I opened the packet expecting the unique clasic took but instead got what looks like the grotty rubbish you get when emptying your toaster tray I can only compare the taste to stale burned badly made crumble topping

    1. Francis

      More and more folk seem to be feeling the same way about the new Fru Grains. My husband tried them and I don’t think that he thought much of them either.

  11. These are not Fruit-Grains, but another product altogether having stolen the Fru-Grains brand. They are not crip, but very chewy like a crip cereal which has become damp. This new product is an expensive disappointment and I certainly won’t be buying it again.

  12. I bought three packets of the Prewett’s version, and it bears no comparison with the Mapleton’s product, Dreadful! Arguably the Mapleton’s product was a trifle too sweet, but we could have been weaned off that weakness slowly. And it no longer looks like logs.

  13. Step up, ex-Maplestons folk, and have your say: I am in Melbourne now – and would be prepared to pay extra to get hold of my favourite cereal and introduce it to my family here. I loved this beyond any other cereal, as my father used to allow us limited access to his ‘special stash’……40 years ago; if that is not a “lovemark” in current branding parlance – what is?

    I’ll buy your commercial recipe and equipment and ship it here if you are up to the task….or are you now part of some vast conglomerate determined to shovel corn syrup rather than molasses into the quotidian diets of the masses?

    Best of luck folks – I’d love to see them back on the shelves – in their proper guise….


  14. I’d just won a new customer for Fru Grains and bought some for my daughter who keeps asking for them – but sadly the new version bears no resemblance to the lovely taste and unique texture of the old ones. I suppose they were just to expensive to produce – and there was never any marketing for them so sales probably slipped over the years. Pit they didn’t realise they had an unique and quality product and market them well – years went by when I thought they were off the market altogether so never bought any. Seems like a missed opportunity for tasty and delicious food to be part of the diet of the new generation.

  15. Hear hear!! I have just experienced the same bitter disappointment over the impostor calling itself Fru Grains, as every single person here and elsewhere on the web. The first action I took was to complain direct to Prewetts. If everyone else did the same, they might listen. Let’s mount a campaign to bring back the original!!

      1. I would be glad to complain, but I do not expect that they could create the same cerial again. It would probably involve expensive manufacturing process, and I would imagine unless they have some of the old staff the process is probably lost. If anyone does indeed get a reply from Prewetts I will write to them as well.

  16. Why has Prewitts changed them? This is a different cereal and immoral to call them Fru Grains which were clearly loved by thousands, including me. These are very expensive and they are an IMPOSTER. Is there a problem for Prewitts to obtain the original recipe? If so them be up front about it, apologise, and sell the new product with a new name.

    1. I think the legal term for Prewetts relaunch is ‘passing off’. By calling them Fru Grains, they plainly misrepresent the actual nature of the contents of the packet, and hence are liable in law

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