Spice up your BBQ for when the warm weather arrives

Barbecue seasonWe might just have a spell of warm weather coming…

Get out the barbecue, spice up the meat.

And invite your friends.

For tasty barbecue meat you’ll want to marinate the meat first.  This is easily done with some oil, spices and herbs.

Consider using some honey, mustard or soy sauce. Ingredients like lemon juice, tomato sauce or red wine vinegar work wonders too. However Biona have just made the process even easier by brining out organic ‘Easy Chef’ flavour tubes.

Easy Chef Paste makes cooking simple

Using these, you can quickly add a thin layer of Ginger or Smoked Garlic Paste straight onto your meat. Alternatively, Easy Chef Thai Curry or Wasabi Style Horseradish can be mixed into your meat’s marinade for use when the barbecue is fired up. Another idea is to concoct some unique dips by mixing yoghurt with Thai Hot Chilli Paste.


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