Free tickets to the Treating Autism conference

Occasionally, I write about autism because of links between the condition and a person’s diet.

Just earlier this year the Penn State College of Medicine released a report affirming the benefits of a restrictive diet to some children with autism. But this remains controversial since advice from The National Autistc Society suggests restrictive should not be used in treating adult autism and NHS guidelines on the dietary benefits for children won’t be released till next year.

If you are a parent trying to work your way through the minefield of medical treatments then I’m very pleased to announce an upcoming autism conference run by parents for parents.

And it might please you to know that the organisers are giving away 2 free tickets.

The Treating Autism conference 2012 is a two day event on 8-9 September, at Brunel University, Uxbridge. Day one of the conference will offer delegates a choice of three in-depth workshops that focus on therapies you can use yourself at home: Intensive Interaction, Relationship Development Intervention, and Verbal Behaviour. The second day of the conference will be devoted to biomedical treatments. Speakers range from cutting edge researchers to parents who are biomed veterans.

An attendee to the annual conference said:

“I have had an amazing experience this weekend. Thank you to everyone at Treating Autism for making me so welcome. I am taking away from this so much to help me and my daughter, can’t wait for the next one! Please keep doing an annual event. The TA team do a fantastic job: we are very grateful… Thank you!”

For more information on how to attend the conference you can visit their website But, if you’d like to enter the competition send me an email with your name and address, and I’ll draw a winner from the hat on 10.08.12 (UK addresses only).


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