Olympic runner Stuart Stokes relies on coconut oil

Coconut oil helps athletes
Coconut oil helps athletes

Stuart Stokes uses Tiana Fair Trade Organic Raw Coconut Oil.

He chose it for Team GB to enable him and the team to perform even better at this summer’s London Olympics.

In his words, Stuart describes why he chose Tiana Extra Virgin Coconut Oil:

“As the oldest male member of the athletics team for this summer’s Olympic Games in London, the need for me to look after my body is higher than ever.

“Combining Training twice each day, working full time as a PE teacher and having two young children of my own, my energy demands are massive, as is the need for me to remain healthy at all times.

“I have found Tiana Organic Raw Coconut Oil has assisted me over the past 2 years, so that I can combine the busy life I have, whilst also pursuing my lifelong dream of competing in the Olympic Games. It has strengthened my immune system and allowed me to train and recover in order for me to operate at the highest level possible in sport.

Tiana has helped my dreams come true.”

Tiana’s fairtrade and organic coconut oil has also won the “Janey Loves” Platinum Award, nominated by Janey Lee Grace and the Board of UK Nutritionists.

As a Fair Trade importer, Tiana helps coconut farmers in the Philippines to achieve a better life and to invest in education, health care and the entire community.

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