Vegan pizzas have arrived at GoodnessDirect

For ages we wait for vegan pizzas to be available to buy off the shelf, then two versions come along at the same time…

Mamma Cucina and Redwood have both introduced new pizzas made with dairy free cheese and both are available from GoodnessDirect.

Why the long wait? Well it’s the tricky art of producing a meltable vegan cheese that makes the difference. However, the breakthrough now means that one of the world’s favourite foods is available to vegans in minutes.

Redwood have three vegan pizzas to try. Using their non-meat expertise they’ve produced a normal Margherita, a Ham-Style and Pineapple version and the exciting Meatless Feast Pizza.

Mamma Cucina offer a Margherita or Vegetable Pizza, but they are bigger and have the extra benefit of being gluten-free.

But the real competition is going to be in the taste. We’re not saying which tastes best? That’s up to you to find out…

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