Please try fruit crisps, I want them to be a success!

Have you tasted apple crisps? I really like them.

Air dried apple crisps
Try Perry Court Farm for air dried apple and pear crisps

With 0.1g fat they are actually air dried pieces of thinly sliced fruit. Personally I think they are excellent because you can enjoy a fruity crunchy snack for less than 70 calories.

Perry Court Farm make sweet apple, tangy apple and dried pear crisps – all of which contribute to your five-a-day of fruit and veg, and make just about the most healthy, natural snack around (especially if you’re not so hot on apples).

The fruit crisps are made at the local farm in Kent simply by slicing them up and then blowing warm air over them until the slices of fruit becomes crispy. Using this method actually keeps all the goodness of the apple in the crisp.

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