The wholefoods revolution

Fifty years ago healthy eating consisted of milk, eggs, fruit and veg with a lot more carbs on the plate too. There was no such thing as a health food shop.

Then the social revolution of the 1960s affected everything, even the way we ate. People began to think about consuming a more natural, healthier diet than spam and chips. Nutritious food like brown rice and chick peas became apparent, and now there are countless varieties of food and styles of food such as wholefoods, organic, raw, macrobiotic, superfoods, the list goes on.

Eat Goodness wholefoods
Eat Goodness wholefoods

But there is still a desire to make healthy food more enjoyable, something which looks after our bodies and the planet, all the while keeping it as natural as possible without any artificial flavours or aditives.

At GoodnessDirect we sell an enormous selection of good foods: dried fruits, savoury snacks, seeds, nuts, muesli, spices; you name it, we probably stock it. And we’re always looking to increase our range of basic wholefoods, consider trying wasabi or satay broad beans for example or gaining a nutritional boost from dried blueberries.

Has the revolution been successful? Well, who eats spam anymore?

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