Dark chocolate you can spread – utterly delightful

Spreadable dark chocolate
Spreadable dark chocolate

With the popularity of dark chocolate increasing, it’s not surprising that we should now start to see dark chocolate spreads appearing on supermarket shelves.

If you want organic chocolate spread, then a good place to start is Biona who make a dark chocolate spread without hazelnuts but with a little vanilla flavouring instead.

There are hazelnuts in Biona’s milk chocolate spread though, so if you are a hazelnut freak you need not miss out.

Folkington’s – for when you want a clean fresh drink that hits the spot

If you’re anything like me, what you drink when you’re thirsty is important.

Juice with style

If it’s too sugary it won’t quench your thirst, if it’s too bland it leaves you unsatisfied. It needs to be something with a little bit of quality, something that makes for a cool refreshing taste, something long and cold.

Folkington’s concentrate on quality, they always use the same selected fruit varieties from the same farms so there’s consistency in the taste. All their drinks are made with pure fruit juice (not concentrated) but are generally light enough to taste refreshing and contain no preservatives, added flavours, added sugar etc.

Take a look for yourself…

Cloudy Apple Pure Pressed Juice taken from apples grown in Sussex & Kent
Cloudy Pear Pressed Juice from pears grown in Kent & the Three Counties
Cranberry Pressed Juice from Canadian cranberries
Pure Squeezed Orange Juice direct from groves in Valencia, Spain
Old-fashioned Pink Lemonade from Sicilian lemons with British raspberry juice (now this does have added sugar, but it’s a lemonade!)
Pressed Tomato Juice direct from farms in Navarra, Spain

Did you know you can get smoked salt?

Smoked salt adds a fascinating extra flavour to food. The smoky taste brings a sophistication to your meals. Chef’s recommend it be used with shellfish and  on meats, in marinades and soups.

But where do you get it?

Malson Smoked Salt
Malson Smoked Salt

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Maldon Salt? The Queen seems to like it. It’s one of the few salt producers in the country, but it is loved by gourmet chefs. In addition to their globally popular Sea Salt, they produce a Smoked Sea Salt and, obviously, import the finest Black Peppercorns as well.

But it’s the salt that makes Maldon famous. Manufactured in a time honoured tradition and produced at the highest quality, it is loved by top chefs such as Delia Smith and Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall.

Do you know what nutrients help you to conceive?

If you’re planning to have a baby then you want to maximise your chances of conception. But did you know that there are certain nutrients that play a vital role in helping the body for reproduction?

For example, L-arginine and N-acetyl cysteine are micronutrients which play specific roles in maintaining healthy female fertility. Nutrients like these are thought to help produce a healthy cervical mucus which benefits sperm survival.

Folic acidis advised by the government for all women from the very beginning of trying to conceive. It not only contributes to the healthy development of the foetal neural tube during the first moments of life, it may also play a role in conception itself.

Vitabiotics Pregnacae Conception
Supports healthy conception

Vitamins B12, inositol and zinc are also important for female reproductive health. And, as an antioxidant, vitamin E is important as a guard against free radical damage on developing cells.

Vitabiotics Pregnacare Conception contains all these special nutrients and more and can be used three months before you start to try to conceive.

MySmoothies from Sweden

If you have yet to visit Sweden, it really is a beautiful country where everything feels cleaner and fresher, even the sky seems more blue there.

So, it’s no surprise that Swedish beauty queen, Domenique, who has always loved healthy living, should introduce a Swedish smoothie blended from fruit and berries with absolutely no added sugar, preservatives or additives. MySmoothie is more than just a drink; it is a tasty and healthy snack that can be enjoyed anywhere.

MySmoothie 100% nature inside
100% nature inside

We all know about eating 5 fruit and veg a day and being made of 100% fruit MySmoothie contributes to this. But I like MySmoothie’s range too, there’s their normal fruit offering like mango, raspberry or strawberry; then there’s a superfruit range involving flavours like blueberry or acai; and finally, a special range of concoctions like MySmoothie Fibre made of banana, lemon, coconut and pineapple or MySmoothie Green with guava, mango, nettle, spinach, green tea, wheat grass and broccoli.

When it comes to healthy living, fruit and berries are your body’s best friends, full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. MySmoothie offers the benefits of this, without any nasty extras, in a convenient, handy little snack.


Wow what a crazy range of noodles

It’s difficult not to be impressed by King Soba noodles.

King Soba noodles
Versatility and good nourishment in the kitchen

First, look at their credentials: nearly all their food is organic, fairtrade, vegan, GM free, wheat & gluten free, wholegrain food.

Second, look at their flavour combinations and you begin to realise something really special is going on… pumpkin, ginger and brown rice noodles or sweet potato and buckwheat noodles, green tea noodles, black rice noodles. The noodles are colourful and almost never ever contain gluten.

It seems like King Soba noodles are just about the healthiest fast food going. With their roots in Japanese and Thai food cultures, the focus on ingredients means there’s no poor quality instant noodle food here, just good nourishment and lots of imagination for when you get in the kitchen.


Please try fruit crisps, I want them to be a success!

Have you tasted apple crisps? I really like them.

Air dried apple crisps
Try Perry Court Farm for air dried apple and pear crisps

With 0.1g fat they are actually air dried pieces of thinly sliced fruit. Personally I think they are excellent because you can enjoy a fruity crunchy snack for less than 70 calories.

Perry Court Farm make sweet apple, tangy apple and dried pear crisps – all of which contribute to your five-a-day of fruit and veg, and make just about the most healthy, natural snack around (especially if you’re not so hot on apples).

The fruit crisps are made at the local farm in Kent simply by slicing them up and then blowing warm air over them until the slices of fruit becomes crispy. Using this method actually keeps all the goodness of the apple in the crisp.