Interesting heat treatment for ear aches…

Have you ever had a blocked ear? It’s not nice.

Heat draws out the ear wax
Heat draws out the ear wax

It can effect your hearing and balance, and cause itchiness, whistling and buzzing. The pain can be quite bad at times. But people’s methods of dealing with it can make matters worse, pushing ear wax further into the ear canal.

Bizarrely enough, an ancient treatment of burning a specially made “candle” in the ear contributes to the safe removal of the wax while re-balancing the painful pressure in the ear.

Otosan ear cones combine the benefit of heat treatment on ears with a chimney-funnel effect which draws wax out of the ear. But, because of the use of a tapered flame, safety is paramount, so they’ve developed safety devices which protect the user from any danger.

Otosan also produce natural ear drops made from essential oils and propolis. Another nod to traditional methods of dealing with ear ache.

If you are left with any doubt, visit their medical pages to read about doctors’ tests using Otosan.

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