Can headaches be cured with a roll on stick?

Have you seen some of the new headache treatments in your local pharmacy?

Headache patches and roll-ons, cooling pads and the like?

Forgive me, I have a healthy scepticism towards some of these things. But you don’t know unless you try, so if you’ve used one of these and it’s worked or it hasn’t let me know…

has been rated as effective by several reviewers who suffer from headaches and migraines. The stick itself claims to work by producing a cooling effect on the temples, forehead and neck using anti-inflammatory essential oils mint and lavender (long reputed as herbal remedies for aches). The roll on also provides a massaging acupuncture effect.

Indeed, there has been growing academic research into the effect of coolness and massage on pain. So perhaps there is something in it after all? You can review Migrastick’s scientific back-up data for yourself.

I’ll leave you with blogger Beetrice’s verdict:

It’s a great complement to the usual paracetamol and aspirin I usually take for headaches, and speeds up the ebbing time as well.

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