Tired of being tired?

Floradix – for more energy and vitality

Women in particular need a sufficient daily supply of iron to help keep them feeling energetic – but sometimes diet alone may not be enough. Our bodies need iron for the formation of red blood cells which transport oxygen to all body cells. insufficient iron levels are often the reason for feeling tired all the time, having pale skin or brittle hair and nails. Women require more iron due to blood loss during menstruation or increased blood volume during pregnancy.

This is when Floridix or Florivital, the yeast and gluten-free version can help.

  • Non constipating liquid formula
  • Highly absorbable iron gluconate
  • Vitamin C to increase iron absorption
  • No preservatives, colourings or flavours
  • Suitable for vegetarians

So if your feeling a little on the sleepy side and it’s not even the afternoon yet then why not give this a try? You might find that this is just the ticket to boosting those energy levels.

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