There’s a new tasty chocolate milkshake in town – it’s dairy free too (think Bounty bar)

When you’re allergic to milk you don’t have to miss out on one of the greatest wonders of the food world: chocolate milkshake!

But, you will have to find the taste that works for you. You can find chocolate milkshakes like Rice Dream Chocolate Flavour or Provamel Organic Soya Chocolate Drink. My favourite by far is Oatly Chocolate made, of course, from oat milk.


A delicious dairy free chocolate milk
A delicious dairy free chocolate milk

But there is a new contender to challenge the non-milk chocolate heavyweights. It’s Kara’s Dairy Free Chocolate made with coconut milk and it’s officially delicious!

For decades chocolate confectionary has been cashing in on the wonderful combined flavours of chocolate and coconut – now it’s a time for a liquid version. And it’s a bonus that it’s dairy and lactose free; no soya, gluten or cholesterol either.

All Kara’s coconut milks have added calcium and vitamins like B12 which is helpful for vegetarians and vitamin D2 which is great for vegans. Plus, just in case you’re wondering, coconuts are fine for people with nut sensitivities too (because they’re really a fruit not a nut – but don’t tell anyone I told you…)

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