An instant hot mulled spice drink from Twinings

Right now the weather is cold, wet and windy. Welcome to January! But wintry conditions like this are the perfect excuse for a hot mulled wine.

For those times when it can’t be wine (such as now, when I’m sitting opposite my boss), Twinings have made a soothing Mulled Spice Tea– a rich assam scented with cinnamon and cloves, infused with the mulled spices of the festive season.

Tea with mulled spices
Tea with mulled spices

There’s little that can relax you in winter months like the warming notes of a hot spiced drink. This tea is amazing if you add milk and (if the boss isn’t looking) a splash of sherry…

Another winter warmer, focussed more perhaps towards revitalizing your senses, is Twinings Green Tea with Ginger. Definitely good if you’ve just been caught out in the cold and want to avoid any chance of a sniffle.

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