So many alternatives to alcohol…

A quick brainstorm comes up with lots of reasons why you might not want to drink alcohol – aside from the obvious alcohol abuse.

You might be trying to lose weight, or be on a fitness programme. There might be spiritual reasons or you may want to follow a healthier lifestyle.

You might be pregnant, on medication or have an ongoing illness.

Aside from anything else consuming alcohol washes vitamins and nutrients out of your system. There are benefits of course, alcohol has been enjoyed by many for centuries. But few people know the range of non-alcoholic drinks out there.

Breckland Orchard make various sparkling fruit drinks with special infusions such as Strawberry and Rhubarb or Cranberry and Rosehip. Other drinks companies offer their own specially made versions: Free Natural offer caffeine free drinks, Thorncroft promise no added sugar and Luscombe drinks are organic.

Another organic brand, particularly for the party feel are The Organic Collection’s sparkling fruit berry drinks. Rock’s are also an organic brand but they specialise in varieties of flavoured water.

Fentimans brew traditional tasting beverages such as cola, dandelion & burdock, jigger and ginger beer.

Fancy a bottle of bubbly?
Fancy a bottle of bubbly?

In fact there’s heavy competition between ginger drinks all round, with options like Gran Stead’s Ginger Wine, Great Uncle Cornelius Finest Spiced Ginger or Rochester’s Organic Hot Toddy and more.

Of course, there are many fruit juices as well. James White are are a notable bottled brand in this area.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning the popular Yorkshire Punch made with infusions of herbs and spices, and Rochester’s Mulled Berry or Rum and Raisin – just in case you’re looking for something with true Christmas spirit.

So many pleasurable drinks and you’ll be able to enjoy more than the odd tipple.

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