Introducing the Organic Festive Collection – you can taste the quality

You can always taste quality can’t you? There’s a fulsome intensity to the texture, the taste is sensational even if it’s subtle, you experience that little burst of wonder which invariably inspires a second bite.

And it’s always better when you can share the delight with friends at Christmas, Easter or at an evening party.

The Organic Collection lends itself to such moments. The quality is assured, organic ingredients are standard and the best of European foods can be found in their range. Chef Antony Worrall Thompson holds the collection in high esteem.

The Organic Collection
Introducing The Organic Collection

Turron and Nougat
There’s the famous nougat of Montélimar in France or Spanish Turron in hard and soft varieties.

There are chestnuts, roasted or puréed, straight from the Ardèche, the most famous chestnut area in Europe.

Sparkling Juices
Also from France, these beverages are ideal for those who don’t want to overdo the alcohol. There are three Sparkling Juices from Brittany in raspberry, blackcurrant or blueberry flavour.

Stollen and Marzipan
German Christmas treats include stollen  and marzipan – Stollen made according to the Steiner philosophy, and marzipan, from its home in Lübeck, made exclusively from almonds and honey.

Panettone and Cantuccini
For lovers of coffee-time treats there are Italian Cantuccini, in an almond or chocolate chip flavour, and the traditional panettone.

Biscuits and Flutes
It is difficult to surpass the quality of these delicacies: as delicious buttery delights from Normandy and Belgium, these biscuits have been hand picked for those with a taste for the finer things in life. Choose from Flutes, Galettes Fines or Petit Beurre.

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