Do you dream of chocolate heaven? Double blessings come with Green & Black’s

Butterscotch choc, raisin choc with hazelnuts, creamy milk chocolate, almond chocolate, ginger chocolate, espresso chocolate, chocolate with orange and spices, mint chocolate, vanilla white chocolate, dark chocolate with cherries, milk chocolate with a soft caramel centre… the list goes on… and on…

But when you dream of chocolate heaven, what more could you want? Whether it’s 30%, 32%, 34%, 60%, 70% or 85% of cocoa solids – there’s so much choice!

You could just possibly transcend seventh heaven with Green & Black’s eight new Organic and Fairtrade collections.

Starting with the largest, there’s The Ultimate Collection – 15 bars of intense and refined chocolate tastes. Then there’s The Tasting Collection with 25 tantalizing flavours including an exciting new Dark Chocolate with Burnt Toffee bar.

Green & Black’s after dinner style chocolates ‘Conversations’ come in two varieties: a mixture of 40 Milk, White, Dark or Butterscotch textures or 27 squares of dark chocolate infused with peppermint oil. Both Conversation boxes are full of chocolates decorated with ingenious questions designed to intrigue and inspire after dinner conversation.

Finally the chocolatiers have organised their Miniature Bar Collection into four cornucopian pleasures. Depending on whether your friend loves a majority of dark or milk or white chocolate you can bestow 12 little blessings on them, or not bother with the choice and give 24 miniatures with a selection of chocolate bites from each.

2 thoughts on “Do you dream of chocolate heaven? Double blessings come with Green & Black’s

  1. Does all the good things in Black & Green´s chocolates compensate for the fact that they contain soy lecithin, If I´m not wrong this comes primarily from Brazil where they still use paraclate pesticides, plus benzen in the process of producing lecithin. I think BioFood in Sweden has questioned them on this issue.

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