Could skin discolouration be treated by Ginkgo

Some encouraging news about the treatment of the skin disease Vitiligo.

The illness which causes patches of skin discolouration has shown positive responses to the intake of ginkgo biloba.

The latest test was only conducted with 12 people, but researchers found that there was great improvement as a result: the size and degree of depigmentation reduced, and also the spread of vitiligo was less.

It is very early days yet, many more tests need to be done. Orest Szczurko, the  head scientist recommends that “any attempt to use ginkgo in the management of vitiligo should be carefully monitored by a doctor, given that there are still many questions about the correct dose, its true effectiveness, interactions with other conditions or therapies, and possible adverse reactions.”

Ginkgo’s benefits are said to include improved memory,  concentration and circulation, particularly to hands and feet. However, there are concerns about the correct dosage, side effects have sometimes been bleeding, headaches and digestion problems.


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