Did Mozart die from a lack of vitamin D?

We’re learning more and more about how Vitamin D protects the body. But in the light of this comes a new theory about Mozart’s death.

The musical genius died at the tender age of 35, and while he suffered many illnesses, the question of what he died from is still a mystery.

Now however, two scientists believe that Mozart’s habit of composing at night and sleeping during the day helped lead to his departure.

Mozart on his deathbed
Mozart on his deathbed

A vitamin D deficiency places a person at mortal risk from many of the illnesses Mozart suffered from. It’s difficult not to ponder that if only Mozart had had access to Vitamin D supplements he might have doubled his lifetime’s output of masterpieces.

Mozart noted that most of his infections occurred between October and May. This also happens to be the time when people living in the higher altitude far north of Austria (as Mozart did) can’t make enough vitamin D from the sun.

Studies link having adequate vitamin D with a lower risks of flu, pneumonia, heart disease, autoimmune diseases and more. It may just be that vitamin D supplements may help your health hit the right note.


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