Superfood crips from the Inspiral cafe (dried not fried)

If you’ve been to the Glastonbury festival lately you’ll have come across ID Spiral, an artistic experience of food and music. It’s evolved into the Camden cafe ‘Inspiral‘ and now they’re making their amazing vegan treats for you.

Introducing their artisan yet raw crackers called Crackits – sumptuous, crunchie and yet crumbly like any baked cracker. But these are from raw almonds, flax and chia seeds, soaked and sprouted to release the goodness of bursting seeds and nuts.

Reishi Crackits with Mushroom, Onion, Black Pepper & Herbs.
Hoshou Crackits with Wasabi, Arame & Spirulina.
Ginseng Crackits with Mexican Chilli & Raw Cacao.

Each variety of cracker is enhanced with special tonic herbs and superfoods for your ultimate wellbeing.

But the joy doesn’t end there. They’ve combined the addictiveness of crisps with the nutrition of kale to produce delicious and crunchy Raw Kale Chips. Far healthier than fried potato chips, this nutritious raw snack is made from dehydrated organic kale, and seasoned with superfoods.

Inspiral Wasabi & Wheat Grass Kale Chips
Inspiral Cheesie Purple Corn Kale Chips
Inspiral Baobab & Onion Kale Chips

Fantastically crispy, highly addictive and so good for you.

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