Superfood crips from the Inspiral cafe (dried not fried)

If you’ve been to the Glastonbury festival lately you’ll have come across ID Spiral, an artistic experience of food and music. It’s evolved into the Camden cafe ‘Inspiral‘ and now they’re making their amazing vegan treats for you.

Introducing their artisan yet raw crackers called Crackits – sumptuous, crunchie and yet crumbly like any baked cracker. But these are from raw almonds, flax and chia seeds, soaked and sprouted to release the goodness of bursting seeds and nuts.

Reishi Crackits with Mushroom, Onion, Black Pepper & Herbs.
Hoshou Crackits with Wasabi, Arame & Spirulina.
Ginseng Crackits with Mexican Chilli & Raw Cacao.

Each variety of cracker is enhanced with special tonic herbs and superfoods for your ultimate wellbeing.

But the joy doesn’t end there. They’ve combined the addictiveness of crisps with the nutrition of kale to produce delicious and crunchy Raw Kale Chips. Far healthier than fried potato chips, this nutritious raw snack is made from dehydrated organic kale, and seasoned with superfoods.

Inspiral Wasabi & Wheat Grass Kale Chips
Inspiral Cheesie Purple Corn Kale Chips
Inspiral Baobab & Onion Kale Chips

Fantastically crispy, highly addictive and so good for you.

Nairn’s use the purest oats possible for their Gluten-Free Instant Porridge

What better guarantee can you get of gluten free oats than farmers who walk the fields to remove any foreign grains which might contaminate the produce?

As coeliac farmers themselves, the family that supplies Nairn’s oats understand how vital pure oats are. They clean down the machinery and test every truckload of oats coming in or out of their farm.

100% wholegrain oats are great for a healthy start, they are high in fibre and full of sustained energy, to keep you going for longer.

And, now that Nairn’s have made them instant, it’s an immediate start as well. The easy-cook sachets are ready in a few short minutes, which leaves you ready to face the day.

Blueberry liquorice – what every Panda wants

Why did I think that pandas have blue tongues?

Polar Bears do, some lizards do and the Chow Chow dog does, but not Pandas. But it’s obvious that Pandas would like blue tongues because they’re all over the Panda Blueberry Liquorice bags.

The reasons why are obvious. Blueberry Liquorice is made with real, juicy fruit puree, and the Panda company combines this superfruit with its pure, natural ingredients: molasses, flour, liquorice flavour and aniseed. And, at less than 1% fat, they’re healthy too.

Maybe another reason that Pandas like blueberry liquorice is that they’re sweet and soft, which means they won’t take as much chewing as all that bamboo they eat. Whether you’re vegan or just someone with a sweet tooth, once tasted you’re likely to become as passionate about liquorice as Pandas are.

Quorn now gives vegetarians other fish to fry

Fish and chips is undeniably one of the UK’s most famous dishes, but what about for vegetarians?

This ultimate comfort food has always been a slight on the pub menu for those who don’t eat meat. But now Quorn have created a unique food that fills the vegetarian gap.

This new option for vegetarians comes with the benefit of omega 3 enrichment and, like fish, is high in protein and low in fat and calories (if you don’t go down the deep-fried route).

Quorn are extending their range of fish tasting food, but immediately availabale from GoodnessDirect are Fishless Fingers and Tuna Style Cispbakes. The next catch is likely to bring inSalmon Style Dill Crispbakes, Tuna Style Melts, an Ocean Style Pie and, yes, Fish Fillet in Batter – all vegetarian.

Vegetarian fish and chips are here
Vegetarian fish and chips are here

A taste of your holiday at home – Mediterranean salads

Fancy something exotic with your summer salad? A Mediterranean touch can bring finesse to your greens.

Exotic summer salads
Exotic summer salads

Whether it’s for a party, barbecue, picnic, or a complementary snack it’s always a treat to spice up a meal with friends with classic Greek feta or a Lebanese taboulé (that’s bulgur wheat with vegetable and herb seasoning).

Mediterranean salads make excellent additions to more homely English food like a serving of broad beans, roasted vegetables or grilled meat.

Biona’s new range (including their flavoursome Moroccan cous cous) are thoughtfully prepared food to complement an ethical lifestyle. Their organic ingredients are of the highest quality, completely natural and suitable for vegetarians.

Take a culinary tour round the Mediterranean this summer.

Sx for great sx

A friend of mine suggested that Neversnore (from Higher Nature) should also be included in a new sex section at GoodnessDirect, and they may be right. But we have 2 other great natural products which are candidates for helpfulness in the bedroom department.

Natural aids for intimacy
Natural aids for intimacy

Help with arousal
Higher Nature Sensuals Sx is described on the label as an aid for great sex. It is a high potency arginine formula for both men and women.

Here is the science… sufficient blood flow is critical for arousal in both men and women. The amina acid arginine naturally aids circulation and vascular health, helping to stimulate blood flow to sexual organs. On the label it declares that using Sx will not raise blood pressure (I found that amusing). It is dairy free, gluten free, wheat free, lactose free, and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Vaginal dryness
Oh, the taboo subjects are all coming out today! Vaginal dryness can be quite a problem for women who are approaching, or into, the menopause. It can make intercourse uncomfortable and painful, psychologically affecting the sufferer, making them feel a failure and incapable.

Higher Nature’s Sensuals V Gel is a little tube of intimate lubricant made from natures gentlest and best ingredients. Pure organic aloe vera and marigold with vitamins and zinc are used to make this fragrance free silky gel. The aloe vera gently nourishes dry, sensitive vaginal skin to leave it soft and moistened. V Gel helps encourage natural vaginal moisture to enhance personal intimacy for more comfort during sex.

Pregnant women and Vitamin D

I recently read an article entitled “PREGNANT WOMEN HIT BY RETURN OF RICKETS”

(In fact, I have read quite alot recently about the effects of vitamin D deficiency, and all this at a time when the EU have it in their minds to restrict the availability of vitamins, minerals  and natural supplements, oh la la).

The article was reporting on comments from Dr Dr. James Haddow, an authority on pre-natal screening who has declared that Vitamin D levels in pregnant women should be checked to protect babies from rickets. You may think, as I did that rickets is a Dickensian disease which no longer darkens our shores, but not so it seems. Dr Haddow declares that many of us are not getting enough of the sunshine vitamin. Therefore at the very least,  Pregnant women should be screened for vit D deficiency as it can lead to seizures, heart failure & rickets in their children.

This comment is backed up by Doctors in Newcastle & Southampton, who  last year said there had been a startling rise in the number of children who have rickets. This included many children from middle class backgrounds too, indicating that it is not, as perceived, a disease of the lower class, but shows that vitamin D deficiency is more wide spread than we might think.

Vitamin D deficiency

Diabetes, asthma, multiple sclerosis & life-threatening heart disease in babies are also linked to low vitamin D levels in early life. Apparently the official medical  policy is that pregnant women should take a vitamin D supplements but in reality only a few are actually advised to do so.

Know someone who is pregnant? make sure they are aware that they need to supplement with vitamin D.

Buy Vitamin D

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