Red wine in a pill – healthy benefits coming your way soon.

This could be good news: Scientists have managed to synthesize the secret ingredient that makes red wine so healthy.

A secret fountain of youth?
Could resveratrol be a secret fountain of youth?

Resveratrol, found in red wine and colourful berries, is thought to be a key to reversing the aging process, tackling obesity and reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes. However, it is very difficult to harvest enough for its beneficial properties.

Nonetheless, researchers from New York are very excited because they have found a way around the problem by making similar beneficial compounds from molecules comparable to resveratrol.

“It’s like a recipe book for the whole resveratrol family,” says Scott Snyder, the team leader, “We’ve opened up a whole casket of nature’s goodies.”

Source: New Scientist

One thought on “Red wine in a pill – healthy benefits coming your way soon.

  1. I am a big supporter of the positive effects that resveratrol can have on the body. The problem with resveratrol supplementation however is that it loses its potency when coming in contact with air; called oxidative degradation AND it is not easily absorbed in the system; called low bioavailability.

    Many of the resveratrol supplements on the market today state that they have high milligrams per pill but in actuality, most of the potency is lost during the manufacturing process and then in the bottle while waiting to be consumed, so they actually contain very little resveratrol.

    And then what comes into play is the fact that the resveratrol crystal contained in most supplements is too large to be absorbed in the body so even if you were getting potent resveratrol, your body wouldn’t be able to break it down and absorb it efficiently.

    There is only one product out there; Resvantage that addresses the two problems with resveratrol supplementation as described above; the Resvantage resveratrol supplement is encapsulated in an oxygen-free environment so there are no losses due to oxidative degradation and the resveratrol in the capsule is micronized; a particle reduction process that ensures that it is small enough for efficient absorption.

    Recent studies point to (1) low dose resveratrol being as beneficial as higher doses and (2) micronized resveratrol being 3.6 times better absorbed than non-micronized resveratrol.

    Access the below links for confirmation of the above facts:

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