IBS symptoms could well be relieved by exercise.

A study found that something as simple as a daily walk can significantly reduce IBS discomfort for some people.

Advice to “exercise more” is not easily received when you’re not feeling well; however, it has been repeatedly observed that practices which reduce stress are beneficial to IBS sufferers.

In this case, daily exercise tests reduced the severity of symptoms and resulted in an improvement in sleep, energy, emotional health and physical/social tasks.

A comparative group who did no exercise over 12 weeks saw their symptoms get worse.

Exercise may reduce IBS symptoms
Exercise may reduce IBS symptoms

So the message is clear: You may believe you can’t exercise because you feel poorly. But tell yourself, “I will exercise, so I don’t feely poorly.”

IBS can be diarrhea dominant, constipation dominant, or a mixture of the two, but exercise was found to be helpful regardless of personal symptoms.

Obviously, it’s best not to exercise too strenuously to begin with; at first it might be best to simply walk 20 minutes each day. Just remember that you’ll be increasing comfort by reducing IBS symptoms. (And make sure you plan to exercise where there’s a public convenience nearby.)

Other tips for IBS are to find the right fibre: high-fibre foods such as linseed, rye, brown rice, porridge, barley, and vegetables, or bulk-forming laxatives like psyllium husk may well help you to balance out your life. You can get ‘essential fibre’ gluten-free pasta and biscuits from Orgran now.

Probiotics and Grapefruit Seed Extract (citricidal) have also been noted to be helpful.

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