Stir Fry Sauces – with traditional ingredients

When I was a student (back in the 90s) I survived on stir fry. They are really cheap: A cabbage, a carrot and some reduced price bean sprouts would cost just pennies.

It’s really easy to be quick and creative with stir fries too. I usually dashed on a bit of soy sauce, sprinkled a little Chinese 5-spice, added some left overs, maybe a bit of meat, some noodles – and you had yourself a pukka meal (or perhaps I should say ‘gung ho’? ‘Pukka’ being an Indian word).

Now, at GoodnessDirect, we’re stocking over 20 of Blue Dragon’s cooking sauces, pastes, and stir fry spice bags (they call them Stir Fry Shots). That’s in addition to Blue Dragon’s noodles, coconut milk, rice vinegar, lemon grass, garlic, ginger, chilli, bamboo shoots and chestnuts.

This is the wonderful thing about stir fry ingredients, you really are spoilt for choice (take a look at the list below).

Clear Traditional Ingredients
What I really like about Blue Dragon’s sauces is that you can understand all the ingredients. They’re not compromising on Oriental culture (so you’ll still find meat recipes or the occasional “contains gluten” warning on the label), but you won’t find any MSG – just natural, understandable ingredients – that’s a big plus in my book.

Eastern tradition brought, chop chop, (or as the Chinese would say, “k’wai k’wai”) straight to your table…

Look up some Blue Dragon recipes on YouTube or visit

■ Chinese Curry Sauce or Paste
■ Laksa Curry Paste
■ Chow Mein Sauce
■ Sweet & Sour Sauce
■ Sweet & Sour Shot
■ Thai Green Sauce
■ Thai Green Curry Paste
■ Thai Red Sauce
■ Thai Red Curry Paste
■ Tomato & Sweet Chilli Sauce
■ Char Sui Sticky Sauce
■ Chinese BBQ Sticky Sauce
■ Peking Sticky Sauce
■ Teriyaki Sticky Sauce
■ Chili Coconut Shot
■ Spicy Satay Shot
■ Sweet Chilli Shot
■ Szechaun Pepper Shot
■ Wasabi Plum Shot
■ Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce

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