A herbalist in your store cupboard

I’m sure there was a time when tea was kept in a hallowed box in one place in the house. Yet now, I seem to need a whole cupboard for all the different types of tea we drink.

Herbal expertise in a cup
Herbal expertise in a cup

But I must be wrong. Heath & Heather have been blending herbs and infusions since the 1920s. Of course it is true that medicinal herbs, particularly in teas, goes back pretty much as far as the history of man.

What Heath & Heather do is make all these beneficial herbs ready to pick off your cupboard shelf.

Whether it’s wellbeing, relaxation, invigoration or antioxidants that you need, Heath & Heather have got it covered. They’re proud of their association with The National Institute of Medical Herbalists and so they should be, it means they’re able to get quality beneficial teas onto my shelf.


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