Update from Clearspring on Japanese Foods

An update from Clearspring…

Dear Clearspring customer,

Japanese Update

Since the earthquake on March 11th Japan is still experiencing significant aftershocks. We have been very fortunate that none of our suppliers suffered any lasting damage. As the country is in the process of rebuilding itself our suppliers are keen to get back to business as usual and ready to commence shipping products to us.

There are measures in place both in Japan and in the EU to ensure that all products exported from Japan meet stringent safety regulations. All products originating from defined regions around the Fukushima nuclear plant have to be tested prior to departure to ensure they are safe for human consumption. On arrival at a European port they will be subject to additional checks including random testing.

Clearspring will do everything possible to ensure a continuation of supply from our long standing Japanese producers. However, where this is not possible due to infrastructure challenges and delays due to additional administration and safety checks, we will temporarily switch to alternative producers. As always our priority will be to maintain our high quality and food safety standards.

After asking our suppliers how best we can support them, the overwhelming response has been by continuing to stock and sell their products. Only in this way can they recover from the damage of the tsunami devastation. We thank you for your continued support in making this possible.

We will be updating our website regularly to keep our customers informed of the latest situation but if you have any question then please get in touch with us.

With kind regards,

The Clearspring Team

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