Competition: Drizzle your pancakes with Sweet Freedom Syrup… and feel virtuous

Some pancake facts…
■ Did you know that in Medieval times it was believed that the first three pancakes were sacred (Is that because you didn’t want to eat the first ones that always go wrong?)
■ In France they make a wish while the pancake is turned (I always make a wish that the pancake won’t stick to the ceiling…)
■ In Brazil they celebrate their Shrove Tuesday with a massive street party called Mardi Gras. In Great Britain we have… pancake races.

But at least we get to eat pancakes!!! Pancake Day is next week Tuesday (8/2/11). Even if you have a problem with wheat you can use buckwheat flour. Orgran do a good vegan version.

'I love Sweet Freedom with my pancakes'
'I love Sweet Freedom with my pancakes'

However, when it comes to toppings there’s one thing I love to recommend: Sweet Freedom syrup – the award winning, natural, healthier sugar substitute; perfect for drizzling over your pancakes especially if you are watching your waistline! Even Raymond Blanc uses it.

It’s made 100% from fruit and has 25% fewer calories than sugar (and it’s sweeter too so you can use 25% less). It’s low GL (Glycaemic Load) means no blood sugar spikes making it suitable for diabetics.

And Sweet Freedom have given us 20 bottles to give away! So if you’d like to be in with a chance to win simply email me with your name and address and we’ll pick the winners from a hat at the end of the week (UK addresses only, competition closes 4/3/11).


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