Pesticides and fertility

Men’s fertility could be adversely affected by pesticides on fruit and vegetables. This alarming report is the result of a tests carried out by the University of London School of Pharmacy on behalf of the  European Commission.

The study is revealing that pesticides sprayed onto fruit & veg could be doing untold damage to male fertility. The research tested 37 crop chemicals, 30 of these were seen to  interfere with the action of testosterone, which is critical to reproduction. These results are significant and very worrying.

What does this mean? Potentially the effects could be severe, for example,  in the womb a lack of testosterone may be feminising unborn boys, raising their risk of reproductive defects at birth as well as a tendency towards low sperm counts & testicular cancer later in life.

This situation has arisen because, although the pesticide industry follow the law for pesticides the omission in the law means that presently the the law does NOT require pesticides to be tested for their effects on hormones. This seems rather short sighted in the light of these results

The ‘Environmental Health Perspective’ journal say many of these hormone disrupters are fungicides sprayed on strawberries, lettuce, grapes and other fruit and vegetables. Their full effect as hormone disrupters is still being established.  My take on all this is so obvious. Boys – eat organic fruit and vegetables which will not ever have been sprayed with these pesticides, not one of the 37 will have been near your food. Surely the small price difference is a small price to pay for such consequences?

More info and research on pesticides

Buy Organic fruit and vegetables


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  1. A particularly usefull post especially the fertility issue – Thank you very much I hope you don’t mind me subscribing to your rss feed. I have found a few blogs with similar knowledge, but not this . Thank you 😎

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