Lose weight with delicious popcorn

I just scampered around the office offering popcorn to my colleagues. It was a taste test for Tyrell’s new gourmet popcorn (well, you’ve got to do these things now and again haven’t you?) It’s called “Proper Popcorn”.

You’d probably never notice how fresh it tastes, because popcorn is supposed to taste like it’s just been well… popped. But often it doesn’t, shop bought popcorn can be greasy and sickly sweet, take it with you to the cinema and you’ll feel downright depressed.

For the best experience of popcorn you have to make it yourself, fresh from a pan on the stove is the best experience – try it. But, buy some Tyrell’s popcorn and compare it with your home-made version and you’d be hard pressed to improve on the Tyrell’s flavour.

The Sour Cream  and Jalapeno Chilli popcorn isn’t hot but has just the right tang and really tastes creamy.
The Sweet and Salty popcorn synthesizes the best of both worlds in an incredible harmony.
The Lightly Sea Salted popcorn’s subtle flavour will charm you so much you’ll want to take in a movie.

The best thing is that even the sweet version is low in calories: 90 calories per serving. That’s great for weight loss, but be careful, you may find yourself wanting more.

The real result? Each bag has been conspicuously stolen by my colleagues to keep on their desk away from everyone else!!!


3 thoughts on “Lose weight with delicious popcorn

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