Get a break from all that cooking – win some organic pizzas from What On Earth

When I found out that What On Earth are making spelt pizzas I wanted to shout it from the roof tops! I have had many enquiries about spelt based pizzas – though they are not gluten free, some people with IBS still tend to prefer a spelt base.

(If you’re gluten-free then there’s always Dietary Special’s pizzas to enjoy, but I’d love to see a popular organic brand like What On Earth perfect a nice crispy polenta based pizza which coeliacs could rave about too.)

What On Earth’s pizzas have been described as the “best pizza available” – that’s quite an accolade from Men’s Health Magazine.

I imagine most people would love the idea of not having to cook any more after the Christmas festivities. So, if you’d like to win some pizza…. all you need to do is look at the GoodnessDirect range to see which flavour pizza would taste the most wonderful in your mouth (three of the ten flavours are now spelt based), then email me with your choice – don’t forget to include your address. I’ll pop your name into the prize draw and two lucky winners will receive six pizzas of their choice! (UK only, competition ends on 30th December 2010 – yes, that means you’ve got just one day to enter! Good luck…)


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