Scotch eggs with a twist? Try this tuna recipe

For sustainable tuna fishing Fish4Ever have been named the best.

Try this recipe for homemade scotch eggs with a twist. You will need a deep fat fryer to get the best results.

Serves 4

1 tin of Fish4Ever yellowfin tuna, well drained
2 slices fresh, thin cut, white bread (crusts removed)
1 teaspoon capers
5 medium eggs
250g polenta
milled pepper
good pinch of curry powder
plain flour for dusting

1. Boil and peel four eggs and leave to cool.
2. Roughly chop the capers and bread put into a bowl and add the drained tuna
and the contents of the last egg. Season with a few turns of the pepper mill and add the curry powder. Mix well to make a not too wet paste.
3.  Dust the boiled eggs with flour then wrap in an even layer of the tuna
mix roll in polenta and then roll in hands to make an even egg shape.
4. Repeat till all mix is used up.
5. Deep fry in oil (160 degC) till golden – drain well on kitchen paper and
lightly salt.

Serve with lemon juice and olive oil dressed iceburg lettuce.


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