9 ideas for reusing Simpkins Travel Sweet tins

The traditional sweet makers, Simpkins, have also provided us with one of the best recyclable materials to re-use. Here are just a few suggestion:

Home-made candles – Use soy or bees wax for simple candles
Secret mini safe – Hide your spare keys, money, jewelry in an innocent box
Cookie guardian – A mini lunch-box for crumbly food, espeically Simpkins cookies (or the other half of that no-added-sugar Simpkins chocolate bar)

So helpful, so useful. Simpkins.
So helpful, so useful. Simpkins.

First aid box – Useful for when you’re away from home
Money boxes – Punch a hole in the top for your spare coppers
Maggot tin – Every angler needs a few
Seed stash – Keep seeds dry for next year
Sewing kit – Needles and thread, buttons and beads, organise everything! (Very useful for fuses and nuts and blots too.)
Promoting fair trade – Simpkins now have sweets made with Fairtrade sugar from the Kasinthula Cane Growers farmer’s project in South Malawi. All the tins contain Natural Colours and Flavours and are vegan too. What easier way to make a fairer world than sucking on a sweet?

New Fairtrade flavours include:
Mixed Fruit
Forest Fruit
Orange, Lemon & Grapefruit
Mixed Mint


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