Dairy Free Advent Calenders are here to stay – and they’re ‘milk’ chocolate too

Imagine being given chocolate but not being able to eat it??

It’s a regular experience for many with an intollerance.

But Moo Free are here to save the day!

Dairy Free Chocolate Advent Calendar
Dairy Free Advent Calendars are here to enjoy

Now imagine being given a chocolate with no milk in it that tastes like yuk!

That happens too – and it’s possibly worse than having to say no to chocolate in the first place.

But lots of people are saying that Moo Free tastes just like the real thing… (see the Dairyfree UK forum)

Tastes like milk chocolate, but no milk on site
The Moo team have worked hard to find the perfect recipe for a vegan milk chocolate using rice milk instead of cow’s milk, which means it is lactose-free too (and gluten free and no soya either).

The real plus is that, unlike many chocolate companies, Moo Free have absolutely no dairy on their premises anywhere, so you can be confident that there’s no cross contamination, and your children can get excited about the countdown to Christmas without disappointment.

There’s an advent calendar and Moo Free also make chocolate drops and chocolate bars to enjoy. Their gift box of chocolate pralines means they can’t avoid nuts (and they also contain soya), but there’s no egg or wheat or milk to be seen at all. Moo also get bonus points for working with fair trade and organic products.


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