“Oh, bring us a figgy pudding and a cup of good cheer ” How much do you know about traditional Wassail? (a.k.a fruit punch)

Sing carols, eat gingerbread and sip wassail punch – that was how the Victorians would celebrate Christmas. A centrepiece of the gathering would be to set the punch bowl on fire.

Yorkshire Punch - a cup of good cheer
Yorkshire Punch - a cup of good cheer

A roasting fire on a cold winter night and a richly aromatic warm drink in hand ready to toast your friends’ good health? Or a reviving stiffener for when you’re well wrapped up, strolling through a Victorian Christmas market, while the carollers sing in the background?… Most European nations still know how to make their own version of the hot punch.

The recipes vary from family to family, and nation to nation, but the central idea of Christmas punch is that it’s a hot spiced drink sipped to keep the winter chills at bay.

Yorkshire Punch
is made from an old traditional recipe. It’s herbs and natural flavours are carefully chosen for pleasure to relax and to cheer you as intended. As a non-alcoholic drink, it can be served cold to refresh or warm to relax.

Rochester’s Organic Hot Toddy is another punch that’s non-alcoholic (which means you can your own tipple if you choose). While it’s made with ginger it has a fruitier blend to the Yorkshire’s rich warming spice version.

But the main point about drinking punch (as opposed to cocktails) is all about friendship. Make sure you do it with friends, preferably with a ‘Loving Cup’, and don’t be afraid to begin a song or two.

For other seasonal drinks such as Great Uncle Cornelius Finest Spiced Ginger, check out GoogleDirect’s drinks shelf to find spicy and sparkling non-alcoholic drinks.


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