A handy guide to Plamil’s vegan chocolate

All Plamil chocolate is dairy-free and egg-free. That’s how you can be certain it’s vegan. However you can still buy Plamil’s milk chocolate alternative.

Also there’s no gluten, yeast, or nuts, adding to the confidence you can have when buying Plamil.

The only healthy choice you really have to make is whether you want a No Added Sugar version or carob instead of chocolate.

And then decide your flavour: Hemp, Dark, Orange, Mint, Chilli, Cranberry, Ginger or Rum & Raisin.

While you can opt for Plamil’s Fairtrade or Organic chocolate, they do work hard to make sure all their ingredients are ethically produced.

Chocolate you can enjoy
Chocolate you can enjoy

Chocolate spread and chocolate drops
If you haven’t checked out Plamil’s dairy-free and gluten-free chocolate spreads or chocolate drops it’s really worth giving them a go.

And that’s it really – Plamil do a lot of chocolate, but it’s all about making something that you can really enjoy.

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