Which to use – safflower oil or peanut oil? A quick guide to cooking oils

I wonder if you’re like me?

You reach that point in the supermarket where you look at shelves stacked with different oils. You dream of being able to create exotic meals using only the perfect ingredients. And then you confess complete ignorance and drop the usual bottle of non-descript vegetable oil into your trolley?

Well, here’s a little something to help you along the road to sophistication…

I’m not going to give you all the details here but I can tell you of a useful place to find them.

Enter a world of sophistication
Enter a world of sophistication

Good oils are difficult to get right: the full flavour, with its quota of vitamins and essential fatty acids can only be achieved by gentle quality production. You’ll want to buy the right type. And then you’ll want to know how to use it: what type of cooking does the oil match? Which foods does it most compliment? How do they keep you healthy?

Bio Planète understand oils because they are an old organic firm from the French Pyrënées. They only produce quality oil and their website is full of information.

Go to their website (bioplanete.com) and click on ‘Our Oils‘ to learn just enough of which oil you should choose next to extend your cullinary skills. There are recipes, hints and tips there, as well as vital nutritional information and a description of the quality of each oil.

To help you begin GoodnessDirect stock the following in Bio Planète’s range:

the versatile Sunflower Oil,
the sensitive Sesame Oil,
its flavoursome Peanut Oil,
a beneficial Rapeseed Oil,
one delicate Safflower Oil,
and the dreamy, classical Extra Virgin Olive Oil

All cold pressed (high quality) and organic (pure). Enjoy your cooking!

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