Pomology – not the science for studying the English but the study of apples

When I was young I must admit, I didn’t like apples much – only the really juicy ones like Granny Smiths.

Now I find I appreciate them for their lovely taste and their ability to supply fibre and control my appetite. My favourite is now a Russet.

Apples have a lot more to offer than we realise. Research towards helping people with Alzheimer’s suggests that even just drinking apple juice could improve the memory.

Being a Pomologist doesn’t sound so bad after all.

10 apples... no added sugar
10 apples...no added sugar

Real fruit juice.
Many fruit juices are loaded with sugar so you want to avoid them. Apple juice from Cawston Press is different.

Cawston Press squeeze 10 apples into every large carton. The apples are picked ripe and pressed immediately.

What you get is a delicious and pure, 100% natural, cloudy apple juice which is bursting with healthy goodness. The refreshing taste not only cleanses your system but helps protect you against damaging cholesterol and rheumatism.

And they do different flavours too:
Apple Juice
Apple & Beetroot
Apple & Blackcurrant
Apple & Elderflower
Apple and Ginger
Apple and Rhubarb

That’s why Cawston won 3 Great Taste Awards this year.

If you’re still thinking apples here are some interesting apple facts:
Humans have been enjoying apples since 6500BC
25% of an apple is air. That’s why they always float!
Over 2,300 varieties of apple grow in the UK
Pomology is the science of growing apples.
Apples are fat, sodium, and cholesterol free.
Apples are a member of the rose family.
Apples were the favorite fruit of ancient Greeks and Romans.
Apples originate from the Tien Shan mountains in Central Asia.


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