Beauty soap brings out the best in you (and everyone else)

We believe

    …that luxury bodycare is about more than gorgeous products and great packaging, and should be honestly priced.

    …in creating gorgeous products full of natural ingredients rather than synthetic nasties such as parabens and sulphates.

    …that great packaging looks even better when it’s sustainably sourced, and in making our products in the UK.

    …that treating ourselves feels even better when producers in developing countries are treated fairly.

    …that beauty is about bringing out the best in everyone.

It’s that kind of faith from Bubble&Balm that is getting them noticed – most recently by The Pure Beauty Awards for their Fairtrade Luxury Handwash.

For smooth moisturised skin
For smooth moisturised skin

They are the first ‘100% Fairtrade’ bodycare company in the UK, and their products actively support sustainability for the planet and no cruelty to animals.

And there’s no skimping on luxury either: their soaps are gentle on the skin, long-lasting and do not crack or go mushy; providing a rich, soothing and effective lather, leaving your skin to smell fresh and clean with a soft and smooth feel.

Check out their stylish soaps with citrus, lavender or shea butter.


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