The traditional goodness of the countryside – Organic milk

Everyone agrees that Organic milk is better for you, even the cynics.

If you drink milk from organicly reared cows, you get over two thirds (68%) more Omega 3. And everyone also agrees we’re desperately lacking in Omega 3 in the UK.

Omega 3 is important for keeping the heart, mind and body healthy. But if you’re vegetarian or can’t eat fish, then your source of Omega 3 is greatly reduced.

Milk, the way it should be
Milk, the way it should be

Daioni (that’s Welsh for goodness!) are the first makers of organic flavoured milk in the country.

They’ve built on their success in promoting healthier milk to shoopers in the UK. After all, not only do you get more Omega 3 from organic milk, you also get 50% more Vtiamin E and 75% more of the nutrients for vitamin A. It’s recently been found to reduce eczema in children too.

Now Daioni produce lunch-box cartons of organic milk with a splash of strawberry, chocolate or banana. A brilliant way to easily boost your children’s health.

Let’s face it. People always used to drink organic milk. It’s only when artificial pesticides were introduced that this practice stopped, not only did our health suffer, but the countryside suffered too.

So let’s get into healtheir milk for a healthier future. It just makes sense.

— If you want more information you can read about OMSCo’s campaign to ‘Break The Habit‘ on non-organic milk.


Win a box of Plush chocolates – gluten free and luscious

Win a box of Plush chocolates
Win a box of Plush chocolates

I know that you’ve been making an effort to save those pounds…

But I’m afraid I’ve got something a bit too tempting for you.

Maybe you’ll forgive me when I tell you it’s a chance to win a box of Plush Rum Truffles. I’ve got 10 boxes to give away!

Plush chocolates are fairtrade and gluten-free and indescribably luscious.

All you need to do to enter is email me with your name and address and I’ll put your name in the hat. Competition closes on 29/7/10.

Ice Creams Dairy and Non-Dairy

One of the best things about my job is the free ice cream that occasionally gets delivered to my desk by those nice lads from the freezer department. (Well, you wouldn’t want me talking about food I hadn’t tasted would you?)

This week’s special was a ‘Cappuccino organic ice cream’ with little chunks of chocolate – a sweet coffee flavour delightfully punctuated with dark chocolate morsels. I’m afraid I didn’t wait long to note down all my (*cough) professional observations.

The cappuccino ice cream, made by Cream O’Galloway, is just one of a big range of fairtrade and organic iced sensations – as well as the normal flavours they’ve created strawberry pavlova, elderflower, honey & ginger and banana & choc chip genius desserts as well.

Non dairy ice creams
Non dairy ice creams

Check our online ice cream cabinet for lots more dreamy ice creams for those hot summer days.

Non Dairy Ice Cream

But what if you don’t eat dairy? You don’t have to miss out on delicious after dinner desserts.

Booja Booja, who make amazing vegan chocolate truffles, also make some pretty astounding non dairy ice creams called ‘Stuff in a Tub’.

Other makers include Swedish Glace and Toffuti who make lovely dairy-free and gluten-free flavours. Enjoy a scoop of after dinner mmmm without the fuss.

And I’m excited to say we’re going to stock Worthenshaws Coconuka and Coconice in the near future…

Pop your head into our non dairy freezer section to see if there’s anything to catch your fancy.

Heal naturally with nature’s first aid box

We’ve just created a First Aid shelf for your natural healing aids.

Heal naturally
Heal naturally

It is a good idea for everyone to keep a first-aid kit within easy reach for emergencies and more common complaints or injuries. Nature has provided many healing plants such as calendula, comfrey, elder and yarrow. Everyone has their favourite creams and oils.

Two of the newest items in on the shelf include Medihoney™s Derma Cream and Antibacterial Wound Gel.

The Derma Cream can be used for compression or wound dressings to protect intact skin from breakdown and irritation.

The Wound Gel is for cuts, grazes, abrasions and burns. It is particularly useful as a natural barrier against drug resistant bacteria.

Make sure your cabinet is equipped to deal with skin problems, bites, cuts, hayfever, aches, upsets and other complaints. For aches and pains visit our Aches, Pains & First Aid section.

And if there’s something you use that we’ve missed be sure to let us know.

Tired? Lethargic and irritable? – Common low iron levels can be turned around by Floradix

Floradix is an iron supplement, but more than that, it’s a household name.

One woman writes,

I’ve used Floradix in the past after illnesses and it seems to be quite good for me.

Women often need more iron in their blood, and will regularly experience a lack of energy after menstruation, exercise or not eating much meat, sometimes due to a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Another female blogger observes:

…tired throughout the day, I didn’t feel normal. I also noticed that I was bruising very easily on my arms, hips, and legs… I decided my iron might be low. Fortunately, the grocery store down the street carries Floradix.

You don’t have to be anaemic to suffer from low iron levels. Fatigue, mental ability, frequent illness, circles around the eyes, brittle hair and nails, cold hands and feet – all can be the result of your body running low on iron.

No energy? Floradix can help
No energy? Floradix can help

Your bloodstream needs iron to help transport oxygen around the body and this should be at an optimal level. Iron deficiency can lead to anaemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, lack of fertility and poor growth in children.

If you think you might be deficeint in iron (you’re not alone: 50% of under 18 women lack iron) try asking your doctor for a blood test or a ferritin test.

Also examine your overall diet in order to increase your intake of iron. Some foods will inhibit iron absorbtion but red meat and baked beans are a good source of iron.

Healthy Floradix

The good news is that Floradix is an organic iron made from a recipe of fruit, vegetables, grains, flowers, honey and yeast. As a liquid it delivers at least twice as much iron to your body than tablets and it contains vitamins B and C.

Liquid iron won’t leave you constipated but will boost your energy, health and well being.

A delighted mother reported that,

I was recommended Floradix by the midwife. I was totally sceptical but I gave it a try. I was amazed by the difference it made to me. I felt great, my skin looked great and I had loads of energy. I felt alive and refreshed. Since then I have been a regular user of Salus products.

Floradix is also available without yeast and gluten-free.

Salus Haus make other health products as well as Floradix Floravital, including Kindervital Fruity Formula for children, herbal rememdies for the intestines, blood sugar and heart, a magnesium supplement and multivitamin tincture. They also make herbal teas.

Note: Iron supplements should not be taken by children under 6.

Cotton – for the sake of our children – pick yours carefully

Did you know growing cotton uses 1/6 of all the chemical pesticides in the world?

The poisons in pesticides not only hospitalise cotton workers but ends up in the food chain because cottonseed is fed to livestock. Chemical poisoning for cotton growth is polluting the water system; and the fourth largest inland sea, the Aral Sea, has been dried up as a result of cotton production.

Such severe practice is endangering the lives of millions of child workers who slavishly work the cotton fields – some are forced, some are paid a miniscule amount, as little as US $0.68 a day.

In some countries child labourers are sent into the fields during and immediately after spraying. Exposure to the toxins effects health, mental ability and co-ordination. In other countries one touch of a pesticide on the skin would kill an adult male.

Medical analysis of people living on the edge of one major cotton production area found traces of cotton pesticide in human breast milk.

Give our children a chance
Give our children a chance

Please read more about the campaign to clean up the global cotton production around industry.

The Environmental Justice Foundation believes that buying organic cotton is a valuable way of combating the global industry.

Fairtrade sell a range of organic cotton goods from bedding to bags, and clothes to cosmetic items.

At GoodnessDirect we are offering Fairtrade’s 1000% Pure & Soft cotton wool balls, buds, pleats and cleansing pads – grown by small scale farmers in India, intended for a big impact on the industry.

To find out where you can buy other types of cotton goods visit the Fairtrade Foundation cotton pages and where to shop (everything from Sainsburys to John Lewis).

Pastryless flan recipe – made from oats or oat bran – absolutely scrumptious!

Here’s a reduced fat pastryless flan recipe for you. It’s really simple to make and it’s easy to adapt. Provided by Maxine Alexander (you’re great, thanks so much!)

4 eggs
250g cottage cheese
25g oats or oat bran
40g lighter mature cheese, grated
60g lean bacon, finely chopped
3 big mushrooms, chopped
1 large onion, chopped
large pinch black pepper

Preheat oven to 180 degrees if fan assisted (or 190 degrees without a fan)

1 Put everything into a bowl and mix really well.
2 Pour mixture into a large quiche dish (a souffle dish, loaf tin or even a cake tin will do). It’s optional to grease or line the dish.
3 Cook for about 1 hour until flan is set and nicely browned.
4 Turn out carefully on a plate, or leave to cool a bit before doing so.
5 When cold, cut up into 8 pieces, cover and refrigerate.

Did I mention it was absolutely scrumptious!

The oats are the secret ingredient that make this really gorgeous, but you can use oat bran for more health benefits. You can adapt the recipe by swapping the bacon with sausage, fish or vegetables, whatever you prefer! As it is high in protein and low in carbs with not too much fat (and you can leave out the mature cheese for a low fat option).

Maxine recommends using Longley Farm’s cottage cheese (“so good” in her words). All the ingredients I’ve listed above are organic.