Get your oats gluten-free – with Nairn’s

I remember how excited people were.

A quality gluten-free breakfast
A quality gluten-free breakfast

The oat company, Nairn’s, were showcasing their new gluten-free Porridge Oats at the Allergy and Gluten-Free Show.

Visitors couldn’t get enough of them!

And there was a gluten-free Muesli and Luxury Muesli too… (all guaranteed gluten and wheat-free with the Crossed Grain logo.)

Now we’ve got them in stock at GoodnessDirect I’m hoping shoppers will snap them up like hot oat-cakes.

It’s worth mentioning that other companies, like Alara, have been making gluten-free muesli since the 1980s.

They have also brought out a Luxury Porridge, featuring millet, buckwheat and linseed (but no oats).

So, now that Goldilocks can have her porridge ‘just right’ again, I’ll have to hold a competition to see which breakfast you think tastes best!


One thought on “Get your oats gluten-free – with Nairn’s

  1. Hi – just thought I would let you know that I suffer from Crohn’s disease and cannot tolerate loads of foods – including gluten, milk, citrus, wine, vinegar, beans, etc, etc. Have had a lot of colon and small intestine removed in a life-saving operation over 20 years ago. Also cannot tolerate most drugs, so medication is a nightmare. I have, by trial and error over the years, found a miracle cure for my gut problems which is Potters Slippery Elm tablets. You have to take them for at least 3-4 weeks before the relief becomes apparent and I have now been taking them for 10 years with nothing short of miraculous results. I tell doctors and fellow sufferers alike and I am passing this onto you and all the readers who may benefit – good luck and best wishes and thank you for Goodness Direct!

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