Why buy beetroot juice?

You’ve probably noticed that there are more joggers around now the summer’s here. It may explain the renewed interest in beetroot juice. I’ll explain…

Beetroot juice was recently proved to increase the stamina of sporty people. A test on cyclists who drank beetroot juice found they were much faster than others who hadn’t.

Stamina builders
Stamina builders

We know why too. The nitrates found in beetroot turn into nitric oxide in the body, which means less oxygen is used during exercise, and beetroot widens the blood vessels which means blood can get round your body easier. And for those of us who don’t dash about it still means there’s a benefit of decreased blood pressure.

Personally, I find it leaves me feeling fuller too so it may be useful for dieters (believe me, I can guzzle down a glass in no time!). So try some beetroot juice and see if it makes a difference.


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