Gluten free/ Casein free home made ice cream

Ever thought of making your own rice milk ice cream?

Gluten free/casein free, dairy free and delicious

I came across this great GF/CF recipe for ice cream from Kathleen Fafard Caldwell and I must say I’m impressed with the results. Appreciated by us all, but especially for my friends kids who stick to the gluten free/ casein free diet. Anyway I thought it definitely worth sharing with you all.

Kathleen says:
I make some rice (1 cup warm cooked rice) (mushy rice is best for this recipe. I just add extra water and over cook the rice).
Put in a blender with all these other ingredients:
1/2 cup local honey,
1 tablespoon gluten free vanilla,
1/2 teaspoon salt,
and one tablespoon oil (we use flaxseed, or coconut oil).

Puree until smooth (usually about 10 minutes for us because the kids won’t drink it if it has lumps). I stop the blender every few minutes and scrape the sides.

Add 3 cups of hot, filtered water and blend until smooth. Either freeze or put in the fridge and drink nice and cold.

Fruit smoothies
We also like to put fresh fruit and home made rice milk in the blender to make ‘fruit smoothies’. You can substituteĀ  the rice with nuts to make almond or pecan milk too.


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