Dorset Cerals – Simplicity in a box

The best ever description of Dorset Cereals’ muesli has to be “yoghurt’s soul mate”.

Yoghurt's soul mate
Yoghurt's soul mate

Maybe you could think of others?

While most people will still, no doubt, just splash milk over the top there are lots more things you can do with muesli…

You can bake it into soda bread, slab it out as a base for a cheesecake, or add it as a tasty topping to apple crumble, make it into chocolate slices or morph it into flapjacks or muesli bars (oops, Dorset’s have already thought of that one).

I guess all this misses Dorset Cereals point though – they simply are what they are: good cereals made from natural ingredients, no additives and loved by vegetarians our fair isle over.

There is some experimentation, Dorsets do have a great range including a low fat flake version which is only 101 calories per bowl, mmmmm and a chocolate granola, and some extra tropical varieties.

But basically with Dorset’s you get exactly what it says on the box: “unadulterated breakfast pleasure”.

Now if you want to go a little more wild with it, it’s up to you…

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