Baby edamame beans – great for vegans

I thought I’d write about Edamame beans as they’ve been out of the spotlight for a while, but they’re still good for you if you’re on a diet: a large handful is about 60 calories.

The beans are full of nutrition, fun to pop, great for dinner parties and full of for protein (a complete protein in fact like meat so they are brilliant for vegans, plus they’re high in vitamins A,B and C). They’ve got a slightly nutty flavour – similar to broad beans but with a stronger taste.

The little fellas make a wonderful snack food (…a snack food that’s good for you??). Some people say they’re an aphrodisiac! But what’s certain is that as a type of soy bean they help lower cholesterol as well as being high in fibre, iron, calcium and folic acid.

However, I haven’t found any edamame experts out there yet… What’s the best way to prepare them? I’m tempted by the suggestion to serve them garnished with chilli and ginger, or tossed in butter and black pepper, but most recipes suggest simply salted, which would be nice enough.

Here’s a different recipe, I think you can just season them with anything that hits your imagination! Does anyone out there have any tips?

Edamame Beans with Chilli & Salt (serves 2)

225g edamame beans
1tsp sesame oil
1/2 red chilli, de seeded & finely sliced
1tsp salt

1 Steam the edamame beans for around 2 minutes. Drain thoroughly.
2 Fry the chilli in the oil and then add the beans to stir fry for 1 minute. Serve sprinkled with salt.

Look amazing and feel happy with a vegan nail-polish, eyeliner, mascara and hairspray from Suncoat

Why can’t you find a good vegan nail polish at your local natural-body-care shop?

Modern nail polish came into fashion at the same time as car paint. Because it’s designed in the same way, it’s full of chemicals like formaldehyde (which artist Damien Hirst preserves dead animals in), toluene (what glue sniffers get high on) and phthalates (messes up hormones and reproduction). If you have chemical sensitivities, you’ll already know all this.

Vegan nail polish
Vegan nail polish

Canadian chemist Ying Liu had to act when saw her young daughter painting her nails. She produced a vegan water-based nail polish free from the harmful chemicals that can build up in your body. It’s environmentally friendly, not tested on animals and better for your health.

There’s no nasty chemical smell with Suncoat, it can’t dry out or discolour your nails like more noxious polishes would. It’s long-lasting and comes Highly Commended by the Natural Health Magazine 2010 Beauty Awards. When applying Suncoat, think emulsion paint rather than gloss, you paint it on in thinner strokes but it’s faster drying!

Ying also designed a nail polish remover to compliment the polish – and it actually performs better than its acetone counterpart – it is bio-degradeable, made of corn and soya, and adds, rather than removes, moisture to your nails. Suncoat’s range has expanded to include mascara, eye liners and hairsprays. In each one toxic plastic chemicals are replaced with a naturally based sugar foundation. So, when you wear Suncoat’s vegan range (approved by the Vegan Society) you can feel positive that this make-up will sweeten up your summer.

We like Bears

I like being a Bear… grrr 🙂

When you are a Bear you like eating natural food, you don’t want to be forced out of your natural habitat to eat all that junk food those noisy humans eat. You want things like fruits and berries, nuts and seeds, and most of all you like to sleep.

Bear Snacks
Bear Snacks.... Yum!

That’s why I’m interested in Bear Snacks, they do some lovely food that’s 100% natural, made purely of fruit, or fruit with oaten wholegrain granola, all with no extra sugar or anything else. My bear-cubs keep swiping their fruit yo-yos even though I like playing with them myself (…growl). And we Bears know how to get fat and get slim again, so I am very happy that every Bear Snack is under 100 calories.

Now, if ever you feel like raiding a picnic then choose one that has some Apple Crumble Nibbles or Coco Cherry Pie; but take it from me, now that those funny people at GoodnessDirect deliver straight to my cave, I can concentrate on other things… like my afternoon nap.